Posted by: Jeremy | October 7, 2009

Comeback falls short, Raps drop to 0-2

Iguodala gets a step on DeRo

Iguodala gets a step on DeRo

One thing the Raptors learned tonight: Come the regular season, it won’t be a good idea to let Quincy Douby and Patrick O’Bryant see the court late in close games. Jay Triano went with his subs for the majority of the second half again and Toronto fell to the Sixers at the ACC, 84-79.

Again, not much to report (from what I saw, anyway). Triano, without Chris Bosh and Hedo Turkoglu at his disposal for the second straight night, split minutes across the board. Marco Belinelli and Sonny Weems scored 12 apiece to lead the Raptors and DeMar DeRozan added nine for the second straight night. Jose Calderon and Andrea Bargnani had two and six, respectively, while each playing about 20 minutes.

One more thing: As I implied last night, I’m pretty, pretty pleased with the addition of Reggie Evans. I love big men that grind, rebound and chase loose balls while not disrupting the flow of the offense with their own agenda. There are too many guys in the league that come off the bench and force their offensive game because they’re getting limited minutes. Don’t think we have anything to worry about with Evans, though.

Anyway, no use losing sleep over this one. The Raps are back in action Friday in Minnesota.


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