Posted by: Jeremy | October 6, 2009

Free baseball!

Stay classy, Miguel Cabrera

Stay classy, Miguel Cabrera

The post-season officially gets underway tomorrow, but not before Detroit and Minnesota hook up at the Metrodome this afternoon for Game 163 to decide the AL Central. The Twins made a nice little run to reach this point, winning 16 of their final 20 games without Justin Morneau to erase a seven-game September deficit. A bit of a choke show on the part of the Tigers? Minnesota’s Denard Span would have you think so, and I don’t beg to differ.

Of course, the big news surrounding Detroit’s collapse was that of Miguel Cabrera’s dust-up with his wife early Saturday after a night of partying with an unnamed Chicago White Sox player. Cabrera reportedly came home drunk around six AM and woke up his daughter by talking too loud into his cellphone, which his wife took a bit of offense to. Having lived in student houses, I’ve been woken up under these circumstances on several occasions, so I feel her pain. Anyway, she called the cops, Cabrera was taken in and no charges were pressed. He then proceeded to go 0-for-7 in the Tigers’ two biggest games of the season, perhaps while still drunk.

A bit of an interesting sidenote on Cabrera, by the way: Apparently in August he made threats to a man and heckled a fat teenage kid at the same bar he was at Friday night before threatening to murder them. Nice guy, that Miguel Cabrera. Here’s hoping all your playoff dreams come true…



  1. tracking back Free baseball!… tracking back Free baseball!…

  2. […] (81-81): Remember last year, when the Tigers blew a huge lead in the final month and Miguel Cabrera decided to drink it off with the season on the line on the final weekend? Yeah, that was funny. Detroit added Johnny Damon, but he’ll soon find […]

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