Posted by: Jeremy | October 2, 2009

Ted Williams no longer chilling

Ted Williams, in better days

Ted Williams, in better days

There was some uproar back in 2002 when John Henry Williams, son Red Sox great Ted Williams, decided to have his father’s body frozen upon death with hopes that future generations would invent some kind of technology to revive him. If he knew The Splendid Splinter’s head would eventually be used for batting practice, I’m guessing he would’ve just let them cremate him, as Williams’ oldest daughter claimed he wanted.

According to a book to be released tomorrow, employees at Alcor Life Extension Foundation decapitated Williams, inserted microphones in his head and recorded sounds of his brain cracking as freezer temperatures dropped as low as -321 degrees Fahrenheit. Larry Johnson, the author and a former Alcor employee-turned-whistleblower, tells another story of an employee removing Williams’ head from a freezer with a stick and attempting to dislodge it from an empty can of tuna (on which it was balanced) by swinging a monkey wrench at it.

(Excuse me as I go throw up.)

Alright, I’m back.

Seriously, this is one of the grossest and inhumane things I’ve heard in awhile. After some thought, I wouldn’t even wish it upon David Ortiz.

John Henry Williams, by the way, passed away in 2004 to leukemia and was also frozen at Alcor, though there’s no word on whether or not he got the same treatment as his father.


  1. tracking back Ted Williams no longer chilling… tracking back Ted Williams no longer chilling…

  2. […] .406 in 1941. After all, the Splendid Splinter’s body was frozen upon his death in 2002 and his head took a bit of a beating a couple years ago, so it’s possible. Then again, maybe this Williams just looks a little […]

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