Posted by: Jeremy | October 1, 2009

I’m gonna try my hardest, I really am…

Luke Schenn and the Leafs mix it up with the Habs tonight

Luke Schenn and the Leafs mix it up with the Habs tonight

The NHL season tips tonight, so forget about catching highlights of any other sport in the first 45 minutes of your favourite sports news or in the first six pages of your favourite sports section. But such is living in Toronto.

I don’t hate hockey by any means — I think it’s a fine sport — but I’m one of the few in this city that would choose each of baseball, basketball and football over it. That said, I’m hoping to expand my horizons this winter, since as of now I don’t have much else to do. As an aspiring journalist, I should be able to get out to some Marlies games and get some Leafs farm reports together, since I’ve had access to their games in the past. That, and I’ll try my best to watch lots of Leafs games and get back in touch with the team, which I honestly haven’t followed closely since Lonny Bohonos went on that incredible playoff tear in 1999.

The Leafs open the 2009-10 regular season tonight at the ACC against the Montreal Canadiens, a team I understand they have quite the history with. Let’s see what happens!



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