Posted by: Jeremy | September 29, 2009

Lions win, fans celebrate in unconventional form

Just another weekend in the Motor City...

Just another weekend in the Motor City...

Last week, this scene unfolded at Ford Field. Things took a turn for the worse on Sunday. This, according to a Deadspin reader who took the shown photo and sent in the following account:

“Something going on in the NE corner of Ford Field, last week was the girl brawl in section 121, this week was section 117. Four guys enter a few minutes late and quickly proceed to fight amongst themselves for reasons unknown. Beer is spilled and one individual is quickly detained by one of his ‘friends’ who decides that the best chance to stay in the game is to restrain his buddy (i.e. go all Couture and choke his ass out). During the struggle the victim’s shorts come off and we are left with the unfortunate scene shown in the attached photo. Dude is unconscious, naked and slumped over the seats behind him. After the med staff took the victim out we wanted to get a photo with the choker but he had a very scary Adebisi vibe about him.”

Okay, so that kind of makes sense to me (actually, not at all), but how did they end up choking the guy unconscious and pulling his pants down while trying to restrain him? Was he more out of control than the woman from the previous week? Is this some sort of ritual that Lions fans do when their team wins a game once every two years? So many questions, and hopefully more answers to come…

(via Deadspin)



  1. He got so excited for a Lions victory that he couldnt control himself and decided to give the stadium seat some of his man juice.

  2. Hey, who can blame him for not knowing how to react?

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