Posted by: Jeremy | September 20, 2009

Tom Brady shows human side, Pats forget video cameras in loss to Jets

Don't worry Tom, you're still welcome to make Entourage cameos anytime

Don't worry Tom, you're still welcome to make Entourage cameos anytime

Football ain’t so easy when you’re thinking about that mangled knee, is it Tom Brady? You can forget about an undefeated season in Patriot land, as Brady & co. dropped this afternoon’s affair with the Jets 16-9, a game they clearly weren’t videotaping. Brady was shakier than in the opening 58 minutes of Monday night’s win over the Bills, completing just 23-of-47 for 216 yards and an interception. The 24 incompletions were a career-high for God’s gift to football.

Elsewhere around the NFL, Chad Ochocinco made his much-anticipated Lambeau Leap after scoring against the Packers in a Bengals upset. Think Cincinnati is still reeling from the wrath of Kyle Orton? Likely, though they weren’t about to show it. Meanwhile, T.O. got on the board in Buffalo, scoring on a 43-yard hookup with Trent Edwards in the fourth quarter of the Bills’ 33-20 win over the powerhouse Buccaneers.

Here’s a full check of all the scores that are in: Atlanta 28, Carolina 20; Minnesota 27, Detroit 13; Cincinnati 31, Green Bay 24; Houston 34, Tennessee 31; Oakland 13, Kansas City 10; NY Jets 16, New England 9; New Orleans 48, Philadelphia 22; Washington 9, St. Louis 7 (Definite Game of the Week); Arizona 31, Jacksonville 17 (Update on Larry Fitzgerald: Still standing); San Francisc0 23, Seattle 10; Buffalo 33, Tampa Bay 20; Chicago 17, Pittsburgh 14; Baltimore 31, San Diego 26; Kyle Orton (or Denver, as some call them) 27, Cleveland 6.


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