Posted by: Jeremy | September 17, 2009

Agent Zero rips team despite playing 15 games in two years

Easy with the knee, Agent 0

Easy with the knee, Agent Zero

So let’s get this straight — Gilbert Arenas, who signed a six-year, $111 million contract last summer with the Washington Wizards and proceeded to play in two of the team’s 82 games (after playing in 13 the previous season), is upset the organization. Say again?

Apparently Arenas, who has had three knee surgeries in the past year-and-a-half, is contending if he hadn’t worked with a personal trainer this off-season he’d still be sidelined, and it’s the Wizards fault for not providing means to get back to full health. Arenas worked out with Tim Grover in Chicago this summer and says he’s ready to go to work — “can’t nobody stop me now”, he claims.

Whether or not Arenas received proper treatment from the Wizards shouldn’t matter — he was the one hurt, he knew how he felt and if it wasn’t right he should’ve gone out and sought treatment earlier. Then to call out a team that has paid you $23 million to do barely anything the last two years? DeShawn Stevenson-esque move, if you ask me. (Pretty much anytime someone does something stupid, it’s fair to compare them to Stevenson, and it’s even more fiiting considering Arenas is his teammate.)

By the way, here’s a video of Arenas playing Russian roulette with his knee during a timeout at the 2007 All-Star Game — just two months before he fully tore his MCL. Not saying he tore it because of this, but it’s a bit of a risky move, especially for a guy like Arenas that’s so concerned about his well-being.



  1. How is Arenas not on Twitter?

  2. Is he not? That’s odd, considering he was one of the first pro athletes to catch onto the blog fad. True though, I’ve never heard anything about him on Twitter…

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