Posted by: Jeremy | September 15, 2009

Ohio State fans find solace in increased number of toilets

At least their underwear is clean

At least their underwear is clean

At least Ohio State was prepared for USC in one sense Saturday night. This, from Friday’s Columbus Dispatch:

Ohio State says it has learned its lesson from big matchups such as the Texas game in 2005, in which cleanup crews found several soiled shorts and a few coolers filled with poop.

“You either deal with the problem up front, or you deal with it later when it’s ugly,” said Kelley-Snoke.

In the past four years, the university has doubled the number of portable toilets available on game days, she said. On Saturday, there will be more than 90 port-a-loos — about the same as last season.

Now, if only the Buckeyes could prepare for the actual game in advance, then maybe they’d have a better shot at beating non-conference opponents. Granted, Ohio State’s last-minute 18-15 loss to the Trojans on Saturday was a lot better than last year’s 35-3 debacle at the Coliseum. Speaking of the Coliseum, I wonder what the poop situation is like at that monster…


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