Posted by: Jeremy | September 13, 2009

Opening Sunday observations

Just another day at the office for Peterson

Just another day at the office for Peterson

Here’s something I took from the first Sunday of the NFL season: Adrian Peterson is a beast. As if you didn’t know that already. Purple Jesus ran wild on the Browns in Sunday’s opener, rushing for 180 and three touchdowns, including a 64-yarder to seal Minnesota’s 34-20 win late in the fourth quarter. That new quarterback the Vikes brought in? Well, Brett Favre was barely needed — he finished 14-of-21 for 110 yards and a touchdown.

Other observations from Sunday:

– Kyle Orton is the luckiest quarterback to have ever live, for one week at least. Not that he wasn’t awesome already.

– Matthew Stafford is going to have a tough season. Drew Brees, on the other hand, should be just fine.

– The Rams still blow. So much for a 10th anniversary remake of the Kurt Warner & Friends Show.

– Cris Collinsworth has really cleaned up his act.

Next up, Bears-Packers!



  1. I don’t know about your Drew Brees statement Jigs. Great quarterback though he is, he played against a defense that is winless since 2007. As far as Matt Stafford is concerned, one win would be considered a success in Detroit, at least he doesn’t have high expectations. Brees just set his own bar really really high.

  2. I thought Brees was gonna throw for 5,000 yards in that game alone. True, Detroit is horrible, but Brees is set to go off again this season.

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