Posted by: Jeremy | September 6, 2009

Jays show serious guts in win over Yankees

Ruiz takes one in the cheek

Ruiz takes one in the cheek

Ballsy effort this afternoon, Toronto Blue Jays. Way to plunk Derek Jeter in retaliation for Randy Ruiz taking a pitch in the face the previous inning. Oh wait? You didn’t go after Jeter?

Ruiz took an 0-2 pitch from Josh Towers (yes, believe it or not) in the left cheek in Toronto’s eight-run fifth and spent a few minutes being examined by every doctor in the building before heading to the clubhouse with a swollen face and bloodied lip. That forced home the Jays’ last run of the inning in an eventual 14-8 win.

Toronto’s decision to not go after the Yankees’ star player blows my mind, but doesn’t come as much of surprise given the amount of guts the team has played with the past few months. In the four-game set, New York pitchers plunked six Jays. Retaliation, meanwhile, is part of the game. I’m not saying throw at Jeter’s head, but let them know you’re not out to get pushed around. Also, if there’s a time to do it, it’s in a blowout, like this afternoon’s game already was when Ruiz was hit.

Anyway, the actual game: The Jays turned a 5-4 deficit into a 12-5 lead with the eight-run fifth, scoring three times on bases-loaded walks before Ruiz’s plunking forced home another. Aaron Hill had a pair of doubles and three RBIs and Vernon Wells and Joe Inglett had three hits apiece.

Now, Towers: The resilient former Blue Jay hero was called up yesterday and made his first big league appearance in over two years, tossing the final three-and-a-third and giving up a pair of runs, though just one was earned. No word on how he’s getting along with A-Rod and Tony Pena, but knowing Josh, his awesomeness will shine through and he’ll be just fine.



  1. tracking back Jays show serious guts in win over Yankees … tracking back Jays show serious guts in win over Yankees …

  2. Hmmm…some bad blood is beginning to spill over between these American East rivals.

  3. Yeah, and it’s great to see some emotion out of the Jays…

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