Posted by: Jeremy | August 31, 2009

T.O. looks to contribute as love triangle continues

T.O., comtemplating his love life

T.O., comtemplating his love life

After missing three weeks with a toe injury, Terrell Owens is back in Bills camp and ready to produce. Now we wait and see if Trent Edwards has learned how to throw the ball downfield. One thing’s for sure — the Bills’ offense has been stagnant without T.O. the past three games, with Edwards and the starting unit combining for just 15 points. Edwards completed just six passes for 31 yards and an interception in a 17-0 loss to Pittsburgh Friday.

Now, the important stuff: Has anyone been catching Owens’ new reality show, “The T.O. Show”? Amazingly, I’ve stumbled upon two of the first three episodes. In case you haven’t seen it, he has visited his dad, gone to church, gone out to his publicist’s birthday party and now finds himself in a love triangle that’s taking a definite toll on him. Worried, Buffalo? Check in Sunday night for the next episode and getcha popcorn ready.


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