Posted by: Jeremy | August 16, 2009


Another world record for Bolt

Another world record for Bolt

In case there was any doubt, Usain Bolt is still the World’s Fastest Man/Biggest Freak of Nature. The Olympic champ made quick work of Tyson Gay and friends today, capturing 100 meter gold at the Track and Field World Championships in Berlin and shattering his own world record by 0.11 seconds. Gay grabbed silver with a time of 9.79 seconds — the third fastest of all-time — and Bolt’s countryman Asafa Powell picked up bronze.



  1. That man is like a superhero of the track. He makes everyone elses efforts look pittiful. I love watching him run, he has such a relaxed/casual attitude towards it all..

    Gone are the days where to be a good 100m sprinter you had to have a face like thunder and look like you’re about to knock someone out.. He has brought smiles and laughter back to the track, good on him.

  2. It was crazy watching him run compared to Gay. Gay looked like the veins in his neck and forehead were about to explode, all-the-while Bolt is just cruising along. Great effort by both, but I just can’t ever see this guy losing a race.

  3. the man is fast…

  4. if he ran any faster he would travel through time

  5. that’s right, the man can fly…

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