Posted by: Jeremy | August 13, 2009

Stallworth gets a year

Donte' Stallworth will have plenty of time to party in Miami this winter

Donte' Stallworth will have plenty of time to party in Miami this winter

Everyone I talked to seemed to think Donte’ Stallworth got off pretty easy for hitting and killing a man while driving drunk in Miami earlier this year, and it looks like NFL commissioner Robert Goodell agreed. Stallworth, who served just 24 days in jail earlier this summer, was suspended for the entire 2009 NFL season today. The receiver, who signed a seven-year, $35 million contract in 2008, will be without pay as well, though that reportedly means he’ll only lose $745,000, since his deal came with a large signing bonus.

Given the six-game suspension Goodell levied against Michael Vick last month, I’m a bit surprised Stallworth got the entire season, though I’m not about to dispute it. Goodell must believe killing people is a bit more serious than killing dogs, even if the justice system doesn’t seem to think so. Then again, Vick didn’t have the option of paying an enormous amount of settlement money to the families of the dogs he killed, like Stallworth did with Reyes’ family. Here’s guessing that had a little to do with him getting such a short sentence.

As for whether or not the Browns (or anyone else, for that matter) will even bother with Stallworth in 2010 is another question, according to ESPN’s John Clayton. Until then, Cleveland will have to rely solely on the stone hands of Braylon Edwards to lead them forward for yet another season. Good luck!


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