Posted by: Jeremy | August 10, 2009

I thought what happened in Buffalo, stayed in Buffalo…

Patick Kane, about to unleash his trademark uppercut

Patick Kane, about to unleash his trademark uppercut

Man, hockey players get arrested for the dumbest reasons. First there were the rebellious Staal brothers raising a great deal of hell after a party in rambunctious Minnesota. Then, last February two no-name Montreal Canadiens were booked for purse snatching. Now Chicago’s Patrick Kane, the 2008 Calder Trophy winner (that’s the Rookie of the Year award, in case you don’t speak hockey), was arrested in picturesque Buffalo for knocking out a cab driver that couldn’t scrounge up 20 cents of change.

Apparently Kane and his 21-year-old cousin paid $15 for a ride that cost $13.80, but the driver could only give back a dollar. That’s when Kane and cousin released their fists of fury, pounding the driver before taking over $100 in cash. A witnesses called police and the two were booked for theft and criminal mischief.

With apologies to the cab driver, maybe it’s a good thing NHL players can find ways to get arrested that don’t involve killing dogs or beating up their wives. With that said, Patrick Kane is still a douche.



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