Posted by: Jeremy | August 7, 2009

It wasn’t always so bad being a Jays fan…

Touch 'em all, Joe

Touch 'em all, Joe

In what has quickly turned into one of the most frustrating/depressing/mind-numbing seasons I can ever recall, the Jays are giving fans a break this weekend with a reminder of the days when being a fan of the team didn’t include wanting to smash your head through a wall. The ’92 and ’93 World Series teams are in town to be honored, beginning prior to tonight’s game with fellow AL East powerhouse Baltimore.

I’m actually getting a bit excited about this. Pretty, pretty, pretty excited. It’s been on the agenda all year, but I didn’t give it much thought until I saw some of the former greats strolling through the Rogers Centre halls Tuesday and Wednesday. Roberto Alomar, Joe Carter, Dave Winfield, Paul Molitor and Johnny O are in town. Even Woody Williams, Danny Cox and Rob Butler. In all, more than 35 players and coaches from the teams are expected. Here’s another thing I saw that has me a bit excited: A bunch of ’92-’93 throwback jerseys were being transfered in and out of the Jays clubhouse to be crested Wednesday — granted, they may have been for the alumni, but there’s a chance they could be worn by current squad of misfits tonight. Don’t quote me on that though. Let’s see what happens!

The festivities are set to last all weekend, starting with autograph sessions and an on-field ceremony before tonight’s game. There’s a gala dinner that Alex Rios may or may not attend Saturday night, and Sunday is Tom Henke figurine day. By the way, how badass of a nickname is “The Terminator”? Anyway, things get started tonight — should be fun.


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