Posted by: Jeremy | July 31, 2009

Ricciardi decides 2010 is lost, deals Rolens

Goodbye, Scotty Role

Goodbye, Scotty Role

Okay, so let me get this straight: J.P. Ricciardi defends his decision to hold onto Roy Halladay by saying he plans on competing in 2010, then goes and dumps his .320-hitting third baseman that’s under contract for next season? Yep, it happened — the great Scott Rolen was dealt to the Reds this afternoon for third baseman Edwin Encarnacion, pitcher Josh Roenicke and minor league pitcher Zach Stewart.

Don’t get me wrong — as much as my man crush on Rolen has developed this season, this is probably a good deal. But why go and so you’re planning on competing and then dump one of your best players? Then again, why bother questioning Ricciardi? What a laughingstock…

Rolen was awesome this season with the Jays, reinventing himself after a tough 2008 season to the tune of a .320 average, which included a 25-game hitting streak. Still, the realist in me that believes Toronto has no shot in 2010 (despite what J.P. would’ve had me believe) thinks this deal is probably for the best. Encarnacion is a 26-year-old that hit 26 homers last season before falling into a funk this year (.209, five homers while missing two months to a wrist injury) and Roenicke and Stewart have both put up pretty nice numbers at every minor league stop, though I can’t claim to know too much about either. Roenicke was a 10th round pick in 2006 out of UCLA and has been a closer much of his pro career, and Stewart is 4-1 with a 1.67 ERA in 92 innings between A, AA and AAA in 2009. Pretty, pretty, pretty good.

Plenty of other activity on deadline day: Boston picked up all-star catcher Victor Martinez from the Indians for Justin Masterson, the White Sox finally got Jake Peavy to waive his no-trade clause in a deal for four pitchers, the Twins picked up Orlando Cabrera from Oakland and Detroit grabbed Jarrod Washburn.



  1. tracking back Ricciardi decides 2010 is lost, deals Rolens… tracking back Ricciardi decides 2010 is lost, deals Rolens…

  2. Why rip J.P. on this deal? He sold high; arguably higher than Rolen’s value will ever reach again. Isn’t that what a general manager is supposed to do?

  3. Believe me, I think the deal was a no-brainer. My problem with J.P. has to do with him opening his mouth — first, exposing Halladay for allegedly giving a list of trade suitors, then setting a “self-imposed deadline” and then claiming to want to compete in 2010. If you wanna go back a few years, throw in the Adam Dunn situation and the B.J. Ryan injury fiasco. I just don’t think he should bother opening his mouth, because he embarrasses himself every time. Whether or not that impacts his value as a GM is debatable, but it’s been eight years and we haven’t seen as much as a meaningful game in August, and that’s enough for me…

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