Posted by: Jeremy | July 30, 2009

Stephon Marbury live and insane

Forgive me for being late on this, since I stopped paying attention to Stephon Marbury last time he was relevant (which was sometime around 2001). Seems the “best point guard in the NBA” is looking for new ways to gain attention after his long-awaited return to the league last season flamed out horribly: He’s now broadcasting his life 24/7 via webcam, where viewers can tune in to watch episodes such as the one above. For the record, he’s gone on to say he’s neither on drugs nor losing his mind, though I beg to differ. Oh well, at least no Knicks interns were hurt during filming.



  1. […] the woman Phillips allegedly had the affair with, Brooke Huntley, is borderline insane, or Marbury-esque, so they say. According to the New York Post, she showed up at Phillips’ house recently to […]

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