Posted by: Jeremy | July 24, 2009

Bruce told to stay home

Bruce's days in Toronto may be numbered

Bruce's days in Toronto may be numbered

First, Arland Bruce III had to deal with the untimely death of Michael Jackson. Now he’s dealing with being left behind for a road game by a coach that’s about had it with him. Argos head coach Bart Andrus told the receiver to stay home for tonight’s game in Winnipeg because his unproffesional behaviour has gotten out of hand.

Bruce, of course, made a fool of himself in Hamilton on Canada Day with a bizarre salute to Michael Jackson after scoring a touchdown against the Tiger Cats. Since then, he’s reportedly both been late for and missed team meetings and left his playbook on a plane, which might explain why everything Kerry Joseph threw in the second half last week in Calgary got picked off and returned for a touchdown. Now, in light of his “suspension”, he’s letting his unproffesionalism shine through even more: Instead of taking responsiblity, he’s gone and said that Andrus can “take that back to NFL Europe or wherever he was coming from” (in regards to Andrus trying to make an example of him) and should “worry about getting the quarterback right”. Yeah, that sounds about right: You call out your quarterback — the one that connected with you 92 times last season.

It’s been clear for awhile that Bruce is a distraction, and this looks like it could be the final straw. Andrus hasn’t confirmed that Bruce is finished in Toronto and Bruce hasn’t said he’s officially out the door, but the writing is pretty much on the wall.


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