Posted by: Jeremy | July 16, 2009

Cold feet, featuring Richard Jefferson

Nichols and Jefferson, back in the good days

Nichols and Jefferson, back in the good days

Last week newly-acquired San Antonio Spur Richard Jefferson was in Sports Illustrated talking to Dan Patrick about his wedding, which was set for July 11. This week, he’s in the news again, not for getting married, but for getting cold feet and breaking up with his fiance two hours before the wedding and not telling his boys, who showed up in Manhattan primed and ready for the nuptials on Saturday. Oh yeah, Jefferson might be gay as well. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

All the above facts were reported by none other than the New York Post, and Jefferson has since gone to Patrick again to get the facts straight. He didn’t bail two hours before the wedding, but instead did so the Sunday before, albeit it an email to Kesha Ni’Cole Nichols, a former New Jersey Nets dancer and his wife-to-be. He also said the wedding was off because he’d been arguing a lot with Nichols and that he gave her a large lump sum to help her re-start her life. Jefferson also approached the gay rumors, insisting that he isn’t and that he’s “sort of pissed off” about them.

I’ll withhold judgement on this one, since I’ve never been engaged, let alone to someone I didn’t feel like marrying. I guess in the end this is a good thing, because it means Jefferson gets more nights out on the town with Tim Duncan and Matt Bonner — they’ve been having a tough time since Tony Parker tied the knot.



  1. I find that story absolutely hilarious. I mean seriously, this NBA athlete has no problem playing in front of thousands of people each night, but when it comes to his own wedding he can’t handle it.

  2. Yeah, talk about folding in crunch time…

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