Posted by: Jeremy | July 12, 2009

Another athlete falls victim to crazed lady friend

Arturo Gatti, pre-drama

Arturo Gatti, pre-drama

Word to the wise: If you’re a recently-retired athlete and having difficulties with your wife and/or mistress, just stay the hell away. Very, very far away. A week after Steve McNair was shot to death by his 20-year-old girlfriend, former Brazilian boxing champ Arturo Gatti was found strangled to death in a hotel room in his native country Saturday. His wife, 23-year-old Amanda Rodrigues, has been taken into custody and is set to be charged with murder. Apparently she was doing a decent job of talking her way out of the charge before she proved unable to explain why she’d spent 10 hours in the room without noticing her husband was dead.

So, that makes two famous athletes to fall victim to crazy women in one week. Sad stuff — there’s no other way to explain it. According to reports, Gatti and Rodrigues were on a second honeymoon and argued Friday night before returning to their room. Acelino Freitas, Gatti’s friend and fellow Brazilian boxer, told Globo TV that Gatti and Rodrigues were about to separate.


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