Posted by: Jeremy | July 9, 2009

Creep show

Here’s the eerie police video of Sahel Kazemi’s DUI arrest last Thursday, just two nights before she killed Steve McNair and then blew her own brains out. Also, according to police, McNair, who was with Kazemi when she was pulled over, wasn’t too happy about her arrest — apparently he refused to come to the window of the cruiser in which she was sitting and took off in a cab without talking to her. McNair later paid Kazemi’s bail.



  1. There is no evidence that McNair paid her bail or went down to the station to bail her out. To the contrary, there was a bail bondsman involved who refused to say whether McNair paid any of the bail. McNair had the money he needed to bail out anybody for anything. It’s all media hype to salvage what’s left of McNair’s reputation, because they know he would be viewed as a total ahole to leave his young female friend to fester in jail. Yet I think that’s exactly what he did.

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