Posted by: Jeremy | July 5, 2009

McNair dead, bizarre case continues to unfold

Steve McNair, dead at 36

Steve McNair, dead at 36

Horrible news from the sports world (which I’m sure most have already heard — I skipped town for the weekend and haven’t had a chance to check in till now): Former Tennesee Titans quarterback and 2003 NFL co-MVP Steve McNair was found dead yesterday along with his 20-year-old girlfriend in what may have been a murder-suicide. Police won’t go as far as to confirm it yet, though McNair’s death has been ruled a homicide and the woman, Saleh Kazemi, was found dead from a single bullet to the head with a semiautomatic under her body. McNair was shot four times, twice in the head.

As would be expected in any case of this kind, the developing story is very shady and will likely grow more disturbing as more information becomes available. McNair was a married father of four and apparently met Kazemi, a waitress, a few months back and began dating her. Also making things interesting is Kazemi’s apparently jealous ex-boyfriend, who isn’t doing himself any favors on his MySpace page.

All in all, an absolutely horrific story. More to come as it develops…



  1. I can’t believe someone woudl be that stupid to write that on their MySpace page….

  2. Yeah, no kidding…

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