Posted by: Jeremy | June 18, 2009

In Rod we trust

Touch 'em all, Rod

Touch 'em all, Rod

Sweeping the Phillies is sweet. Shutting up the six-year-old kid that was sitting close enough to the broadcast booth to be heard badmouthing the Jays and umpires all frigging game in the process is even sweeter. Seriously, did anyone else hear this future Santa Claus hater? The kid is gonna make a great Philadelphia sports fan when he grows up.  Anyway, back to the actual ballgame — Rod Barajas homered to dead centre in the ninth to give Toronto an 8-7 win in a game that had about 27 lead changes.

This one was epic — seven home runs, some shoddy bullpen work, a combined 37 players used by both clubs, a combined 28 hits and the revelation that Cito Gaston would be eaten alive if he was managing in the National League. Gaston somehow dropped the ball on what should’ve been a double switch in the bottom of the eighth, leaving the pitcher’s spot to lead off the ninth. No harm, no foul though — Barajas hit for Jason Frasor, and 401 feet or so later the Jays had the lead back. Raul Chavez and Adam Lind also homered for Toronto, and Vernon Wells (!) and Lind each had three hits in the win.

Brad Mills made his major league debut for the Jays, lasting three-and-two-thirds and giving up six hits (two bombs), four walks and four runs. On paper, not too impressive of a start, though he looked confident and certainly wasn’t afraid to throw breaking balls behind in the count. Gaston used the entire bullpen, including some farmhand named Jeremy Accardo, who came in to get the final two outs for the save.

So let me get this straight: Toronto gets swept at home by Florida, then goes to Philly and sweeps the defending champs. Yeah, I’m not gonna try figuring that one out. Next up is a three-game road set against the 17-46 Montreal Expos Washington Nationals. I’ll withhold a prediction on this one…



  1. I did not watch this game, but did catch the highlights. Especially enjoyed the (heated) exchange between Cito and Bo Junior after the disgraced former closer got pulled with one out in the ninth. Maybe a good shaming like that is what it will take to bring his A game back.

  2. I actually thought B.J. was on the verge of turning things around until his three straight shaky outings this series. Still, just like the beginning of the season, the Jays managed to win despite him. Nice to see some fire today as well, though I think most of it was directed at the umpire for what he felt was a tight strike zone.

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