Posted by: Jeremy | June 12, 2009

Superman does best Nick Anderson impression, Derek Fisher plays role of The Jet

Derek Fisher: The new Kenny Smith

Derek Fisher: The new Kenny Smith

Orlando misses a load of free throws down the stretch to blow a Finals game — It’s a script all to familiar for Magic fans. Fourteen years ago Nick Anderson missed four straight freebies to give Kenny Smith and the Rockets a chance to steal Game 1 of the ’95 Finals (a series they’d go on to sweep), and tonight it was Dwight Howard doing the honours. Superman missed a pair with Orlando nursing a three-point lead with 11.1 seconds left and Derek Fisher played the role of The Jet, knocking down a three to send the game to overtime. There, he broke a tie with another trifecta with 31.3 to go. The end result: a 99-91 Lakers win and a 3-1 edge in the series.

I only caught the fourth quarter and overtime of this one, but there was a lot to see. I’m by no means a Magic homer — I just want a close series — but how does Trevor Ariza get away with coming from out of bounds and Kobe with an elbow to little Jameer Nelson’s face? Another note: How did Pau Gasol restrain himself from decapitating Mickael Pietrus on that should’ve-been flagrant late in overtime?

Anyway, a disappointing loss for Ron Jeremy and friends. They’ll get one more at home, and an Orlando win sends things back to the coast for Games 6 & 7, if necessary. Game 5 goes Sunday night.


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