Posted by: Jeremy | June 12, 2009

Jays fall to Texas, prepare to pound longtime rival Marlins

Romero was fine, but he was no Kevin Millwood

Romero was fine, but he was no Kevin Millwood

The Jays weren’t able to finish off the Rangers in Texas last night, falling 1-0 to miss out on a sweep. Oh well, to quote legendary rocker Meat Loaf, “Two outta three ain’t bad.” Ricky Romero pitched well for the second straight start, but Toronto wasn’t able to muster up any offense against default Texas ace Kevin Millwood. Three and four hitters Alex Rios and Vernon Wells combined to go 1-for-8 and Rios left a pair of runners in scoring position with two outs. Nothing too shocking there, and if the great Meat Loaf was here, I’m sure he’d say “Alex Rios is shit.”

Toronto is back home today, set to kick off a three-game series at Rogers Centre with NL East rival Florida — one that features two teams that started red hot before fading into oblivion. I kid, I kid — the Jays are in this thing! 134-28! Tonight is about the surest thing you’ll ever come across in life — Roy Halladay, 10-1 with a 2.52 ERA, faces the Marlins’ Ricky Nolasco, who enters at 2-6 with a sterling 8.17 ERA.


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