Posted by: Jeremy | June 8, 2009

Kobe and co. take Game 2

Kobe and Lamar

Kobe and Lamar

Okay, so the Lakers grabbed a 2-0 series lead last night, but at least we know Ron Jeremy’s Orlando Magic are here to play. Well, at least Rashard Lewis is, and perhaps Hedo Turkoglu as well. Game 2 wasn’t nearly as lopsided as Thursday night’s opener, with the Magic forcing overtime before losing 101-96. Dwight Howard, who’s expected to eat all big men around the league alive, was again a bit of a disappointment, making just five field goals and scoring 17 points. Superman did put up some fine numbers elsewhere though, grabbing 16 boards and adding four blocks and four steals.

Kobe was Kobe, scoring 28 points and hitting some tough shots down the stretch, but it was Lamar Odom providing the punch for Los Angeles, scoring 19 points (on 8-of-9 from the field) in 46 minutes off the bench in place of Andrew Bynum, who not suprisingly was a no-show once again. Pau Gasol was solid as usual, scoring 24 points and adding 10 rebounds, or about 24 and 10 more than Kwame Brown would’ve totalled had the Lakers not robbed Gasol from Memphis last January.

Aside from Lewis (34 points), Turkoglu (22) and Superman (17), Orlando didn’t have a player score more than five points and the remaining seven players that saw the floor shot a combined 8-of-31. Still, anyone looking for a close series had to have been encouraged by last night’s outcome, at least compared to the debacle that was Game 1. Game 3 goes Tuesday night in Orlando.


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