Posted by: Jeremy | June 6, 2009

Glavine gets the boot

Glavine, back when he and the Braves were getting along

Glavine, back when he and the Braves were getting along

I’ve heard of teams signing players to one-day contracts so they can finish careers where they started, but never of a team signing a player to a one-year deal, sending him to the minors to rehab an injury, and then releasing him after throwing six shutout innings in what was to be his last rehab start. It’s even more unusual when the player being jerked around is Tom Glavine, who’s happened to win 244 games for the Atlanta Braves, the team doing the jerking, over 17 seasons.

Apparently Atlanta, which would have to pay Glavine a whopping $1 million if he were to crack the big league roster, feels the Future Hall of Famer’s 86 mile-per-hour fastball isn’t enough to cut it in the majors these days. Sure, that’s a fair assessment. But why do you let him make a bunch of rehab starts, the last of which was his best, before making that decision? Anyway, for good reason, Glavine is furious and is reportedly planning on filing a grievance, which reportedly isn’t likely to be amount to anything since the Braves technically didn’t do anything other than hurt his feelings. Still, a pretty disgraceful display by a team for which he’s done so much.


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