Posted by: Jeremy | June 4, 2009

Rios reminds Jays fans why they stopped liking him in the first place

The Angels, benefactors of Alex Rios' horrible day

The Angels, benefactors of Alex Rios' horrible day

Last Saturday, Alex Rios was a hero. Now, five days and an 0-for-39-or so slump later, he’s back to being plain old Alex Rios. This afternoon, that meant 0-for-5 with a Golden Sombrero-plus, or in other words, five strikeouts. Is there a bigger waste of talent in all of baseball?

Rios wasn’t the only story in Toronto’s 6-5 loss today — After looking like it was heading down the same road as last night, the game actually got close late and the Jays should’ve come out with a win. Bases loaded, nobody out scenarios in the seventh and eight innings each only produced a run and Jose Bautista also left a pair stranded to end the game (Speaking of which, wouldn’t Vernon Wells have been better utilized as a pinch hitter as opposed to a runner? Oh wait, we don’t pinch hit on this team). That, after they’d tied it an inning prior and watched Brandon League cough up the winner in the top of the ninth.

A couple positives for Toronto — Adam Lind went 5-for-5 with three doubles, giving him eight hits and five doubles the past two days, and Lyle Overbay continued his recent hot streak with a pair of hits and three RBIs. In the end, though, a second consecutive loss and another game back in the AL East standings, as New York and Boston both came away with wins this afternoon.


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