Posted by: Jeremy | May 29, 2009

Home sweet home

The friendly confines

The friendly confines

After a nice little road trip, the Jays are fiiiiiiiiiiinally back in Toronto tonight and ready to try their luck against the now-first place Red Sox. All things considered, it’s pretty remarkable the Jays are still just two games back in the division — another reason why I love the 162 game schedule.

Before everyone writes this season off, here’s a fun fact: The Tampa Bay Rays dropped seven straight right before the All-Star break last season, which was also right around the time everyone figured they were finished. Anyway, they managed to bounce back from that. Does that mean the Jays are the ’08 Rays? Not necessarily, but last July Tampa Bay was nothing more than a team that had finished out of last place once in its 10 year existence. Another fun fact: In 2007, the Seattle Mariners had four losing streaks of at least six games, including one slide where they lost 15 of 17, and still managed to make the playoffs. Sure, the Jays on paper weren’t supposed to be in it this year, but neither were the Rays last year or the M’s in 2007.


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