Posted by: Jeremy | May 27, 2009

Jays find way to outdo themselves

Living large with the Baltimore Orioles

Living large with the Baltimore Orioles

It brings me great pleasure to finally announce some good news on the Blue Jays front: The road trip from hell is over, plus tomorrow is a day off. The bad news, however, is that the Jays fell in astounding fashion to the Orioles this afternoon, blowing an 8-3 lead in the eighth and a two-run lead in the tenth before losing 12-10. I’m not even angry — I’m more impressed by the way they managed to blow it this time around.

After scoring about three runs in their previous eight losses, the Jays managed six runs in the fourth inning alone and looked well on the way to a win with Doc Halladay on the mound. At least until Baltimore got into Toronto’s bullpen and yada, yada, yada…a 12-10 loss. Yeah, I yada-ed over the best part. Let’s just say Jesse Carlson gave up some runs, Scotty Downs failed to strand a few inherited runners, B.J. Ryan tried his hand at a meaningful situation and Brian Wolfe wasn’t as hungry as advertised.

Yikes — that makes it nine in a row for the team formerly known as 27-14 and three-and-a-half games up. Up next is an off-day on which the team can bask in their achievements from the road trip before a home date with the first place Red Sox on Friday.



  1. That was a sick…as I was watching the big soccer game, I kept looking over to see the score on the lone tv that was tuned into the blue jay game…lucky for me Barcelona won and I could drown my sorrows for the Blow Jays with a few pints… this one really hurt… this is the Baltimore Oriols were talking here… geez! we need some home cooking!

  2. Yeah man, let’s hope the turnaround starts tonight…

  3. […] that nine-game skid that effectively ended the Jays’ season last May? It’s not happening this year. Well, at least not this week. Edwin Encarnacion […]

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