Posted by: Jeremy | May 25, 2009

Jays shut down by potent Orioles’ pitching staff

Jose Bautista after -- you guessed it -- a strikeout

Jose Bautista after -- you guessed it -- a strikeout

Okay, even the biggest Jays homer knew their offense was playing over its head the first 41 games of the season, but I didn’t expect they’d fall this hard when it came time to come back to earth. Toronto scored once in a 4-1 loss to Baltimore this afternoon, bumping the grand total to 11 over its current seven-game losing streak. It’s not even that the Jays aren’t getting hits — it’s that they aren’t doing it in clutch situations, reminding me oh-so-well of how frustrating last season was.

Anyway, enough on the Jays — How about their AL East rival, the Tampa Bay Rays? David Price made his season debut tonight against Cleveland and was staked to an early 10-0 lead before getting pulled in the fourth after walking five and tossing 100 pitches. Seemingly nothing to worry about, though, because Tampa Bay carried a 10-2 lead into the eight and a 10-4 edge to the ninth. That’s when the powerhouse Indians went to work, scoring seven and winning on a two-run walkoff single by Victor Martinez. I’d still rather go from up 10-0 to losing 11-10 than to drop seven in a row, but when you don’t have much to get excited about it helps to point out the shortcomings of division rivals.



  1. This is terrible, just when I thought…wow Jays are winning, rubbing it of on TFC, then the Raptors and the Leafs…yeah right!

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