Posted by: Jeremy | May 24, 2009

Jays again fall victim to the Tomahawk Chop

Brian McCann, after his first of two jacks

Brian McCann, after his first of two jacks

Somebody please make it stop. As the rest of the baseball world says “I told you so”, the Jays dropped their sixth straight game this afternoon, finally falling out of first place in the East following a 10-2 loss to the Braves. Alright, so it was about as close as an eight run game can be — the Jays had a chance to break a 2-2 tie in the top of the seventh, loading the bases with one out before Adam Lind K’d and Jose Bautista popped to right. And well, let’s just say that’s as close at it would get.

Some positives for the Jays: Vernon Wells, who decided to take this season off,  had a pair of hits. I haven’t checked, but those may be his first two knocks since Spring Training. Also, Scott Richmond strung together his second consecutive solid start and my man Jesse Carlson managed to keep Atlanta in check in his one inning of relief. The bad: Toronto left 11 men on base and scored two runs, giving them a total of 10 over the past six games.

It’s a long season, but after the start the Jays had, this ever-growing skid is doing its part in ruining my baseball life. Is Toronto out of the running with 115 games to go? Not even close. Are they as good as the team that started 27-14? No, probably not. Rest assured, though — a trip to Baltimore to hammer the Orioles is in store!


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