Posted by: Jeremy | May 14, 2009

Apparently they’re allowing ethnics into the big leagues

Joe DiMaggio mashes everywhere

Joe DiMaggio mashes everywhere

Rest easy, Joe DiMaggio — your legacy is again safe. Washington’s Ryan Zimmerman hung an 0-for-3 yesterday, ending his hitting streak at 30 games, a mere 26 short of Joltin’ Joe’s mark of 56 in 1941. The fact that coming within 26 games of the record is considered “close” just serves as a reminder of how remarkable DiMaggio’s feat was.

Tony Gwynn, an above average hitter in his on right, said years ago that a player will hit .400 again before DiMaggio’s streak is broken because over the course of a season you can have 0-fers (Gwynn, by the way, was the last player to seriously push for .400, at least as far as I can remember — he hit .394 in strike-shortened 1994). I agree, and for that reason I’d say DiMaggio’s record is least likely to be broken.

I’ve had a bit of a fascination with DiMaggio reading David Halberstam’s Summer of ’49 last summer (summer of ’08, to be exact). After that, I picked up Richard Ben Cramer’s biography of DiMaggio, The Hero’s Life. An interesting character, to say the least.

(P.S. This doesn’t mean I like the Yankees)


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