Posted by: Jeremy | May 13, 2009

Jays getting some love from American media

Dear Roy: My life would suck without you

Dear Roy: My life would suck without you

Alright, with the NHL Playoffs not due to finish for another three months or so, the Jays don’t figure to get much attention from the Toronto media anytime soon. Still, it’s nice to see ESPN catching on — Here’s a pair of articles from yesterday that earned the Jays their very own tab on the site’s MLB page: Jerry Crasnick says Toronto may just keep up the pace and Buster Olney checks in with some love for the great Roy Halladay. Good reads if you’re from Toronto and can’t find any coverage in your local sports section.

Anyway, I’m off to Rogers Centre for another Jays-Yankees matchup — This time Toronto sends Scott Richmond to the hill against notorious steroid-user and misrememberer Andrew Pettitte.

(P.S. You still suck A.J.)

(P.P.S. You emit a foul and unpleasant odor)



  1. I agree there’s a chance that the hitters on the Jays could keep up the pace they’re on now, but do you think that will be enough?

    3/5ths of their rotation fro last year is gone, and B.J. Ryan is out for God knows how long.

    If there’s one thing a Sox and Jays fan can agree on right now though, it’s that A.J. Burnett emits a foul and unpleasant odor…

  2. Oh yeah, I’ll definitely be surprised if they keep this up — that’s why I’m enjoying it now. The rotation isn’t gonna stay this hot (case in point: Scott Richmond tonight), so the bats have a lot of work to do. I’m hoping they hang tight and Marcum works his way back before the end of the season…

    Anyway, thanks for the comment, and if it’s the Jays and Sox getting the division and wildcard I’ll be happy. I despise the Yankees so much I might as well be from Boston.

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