Posted by: Jeremy | May 11, 2009

Triano back in the mix

Jay Triano, pleading his case

Jay Triano, pleading his case

You heard it here first (actually, I can’t confirm that): The Toronto Raptors have re-signed Jay Triano to a three-year contract, rewarding him for the 25-40 record he led them to after taking over for Sam Mitchell in early-December. It may have been the 9-4 finish to the season, though,  that saved Triano.

Anyway, here’s what general manager Bryan Colangelo said in a press release:

“Despite some difficult circumstances this past season, Jay Triano never stopped coaching, teaching and leading this team which resulted in a very strong finish. After undertaking a thorough evaluation process, it is clear that Jay is the right coach to guide this team in the future.”

Welcome back, Coach Triano. Just tell me next season won’t be nearly as brutal as the last.



  1. Tell me this Jigs, what has Triano done to deserve 3 years, is that the minimum length contract he could sign. If the raps come out of the gate really slow and there is no-one to blame but Triano are they going to fire him and hire someone else and then we’ll have 3 coaches on the payroll for next 2 years.

  2. Yeah, seems like the only way teams can lock up coaches is by giving them three years plus, and very few actually last that long. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Raps are still paying Lenny Wilkins, too…

  3. Just cant believe this signing. I mean 25-40 record. I think Colangelo’s collar is on to tight and he must be drinking the Leafs kool-aid. Dont get me started.

    The Ford trade turned into a worse trade than the Carter one… I mean he get’s Marion, who’s gone… and he gave up 1. Ford 2. Two first rounders 3. Nesterovich 4. Moon.

    oh yeah, he’s got a plan… right!

  4. Yeah, it’s now or never for Colangelo. At least the Marion trade gives him some money to work with this summer, so hopefully he has something up his sleeve…

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