Posted by: Jeremy | May 5, 2009

Jays split pair with Native Americans

See ya

See ya

Who knew 21 hours with Central Division powerhouse Cleveland could be so interesting? Since the last time we spoke, the Indians rolled into town, stole a game and were grounded by the bat of the great Adam Lind in the grudge match. All in all, too much heartbreak and elation for one fiscal day.

First, last night: Brian Tallet takes a no-no into the seventh, only to have it foiled with one out, and in the course of about five minutes, give up three more hits and three runs. This reminded me of one of my favourite exchanges from an edition of Bill Simmons’ mailbag on a few years back:

Q: What would be the best sports equivalent to that moment when you’re talking to an attractive woman who you think you’re hitting it off with, and she casually mentions her boyfriend mid-sentence, and you have to keep the conversation moving without showing disappointment? — Jarrett Fischer, Virginia Beach, Va.

SG: Losing a no-hitter. No question. You’re cruising along, all your pitches are working, you’re trying not to get ahead of yourself, you’re taking it one batter at a time, the crowd’s getting behind you … and then she casually throws out the boyfriend, like a piping-hot stake in the heart. And you have to regroup mentally, finish the conversation, and pretend that you’re not even remotely rattled. Even though you’re reeling inside.

Absolute genius. Well, like I said, Tallet didn’t keep his composure. But the Jays came back. And then Brandon League blew it. And then they came back again, only for Scott Camp to cough up three in the 12th, and that was that.

This afternoon’s game looked like it was heading down the same road — Jesse Carlson and Brian Wolfe weren’t able to hold a 3-2 lead in the seventh, but the Jays responded with seven in the bottom half, highlighted by Lind’s go-ahead three-run shot. Next thing you know, a 10-6 win and a 19-10 overall mark.

I’ll say this — This team is resilient. They came back twice last night, including from a two-run, two-out deficit in the bottom of the ninth, and put together a rally down three in the 12th. This afternoon they came back from down three in the seventh. These are the type of games that build character, and with four walk-off wins already under their belts, confidence has to be pretty high with this group.


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