Posted by: Jeremy | May 1, 2009

Another memorable outing by Brian Burres

Brian Burres, making the walk of shame

Brian Burres, making the walk of shame

No rainout in Kansas City yesterday afternoon, which meant the 197 fans in attendance were treated to the pitching stylings of Brian Burres. Luckily there was no TV coverage in Toronto, so I didn’t have to witness the brutality that ensued. After getting trashed by Chicago last weekend, Burres lasted two-plus innnings this time around, giving up six runs (four earned) and the Jays fell 8-6. Oh well, there goes winning every series this season. 153-9!

Burres’ former team, Baltimore, is in Toronto to start a three game series tonight, and one can only hope Burres is accidently directed to the Orioles’ clubhouse, or becomes disillusioned and somehow ends up on their flight out of town Sunday.

One more note on Burres: While googling him, I found this golden nugget from the “Brian Burres’s Girlfriend” forum on

He treats women like shit. He’ll never find a good girl because hes immature and cant take shit seriously. I don’t know what you all are talking about with how SUPER FRIENDLY he is. Thats trash, Don’t make him out to be a good-catch. Brian Burres is anything but. I figure him to be more of a SUPER WOMANIZER. What a waste of a good looking guy to act the way he does.

So, there you have it, Brian Burres is a horrible pitcher and a SUPER WOMANIZER. By the way, if you have a few days of spare time, give that website a look — it’s pretty entertaining (albeit, more than likely not very accurate).

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