Posted by: Jeremy | April 30, 2009

New book to make A-Rod look bad, if that’s at all possible

A-Rod, before bra shopping

A-Rod, before bra shopping

A-Rod, it’s been awhile! Yep, you guessed it — Everyone’s favourite juicer is back in the news, as new spoliers from literary genius Selena Roberts’ soon-to-be-released book were published in today’s New York Daily News. Apparently A-Rod was using steroids back in high school, and a handful of anonymous Yankees and clubhouse staffers claim Rodriguez was juicing while with the team. So A-Rod was lying when he said he was only on steroids from 2001 to 2003? Noooo! Say it ain’t so! Oh wait, everyone already knew that…

A-Rod’s high school juicing isn’t even the best of the new spoilers — According to the article, Yankee teammates took to calling Rodriguez “Bitch Tits” in 2005 after he showed up with large breasts, obviously the result of rampant steroid use. The book also reportedly gives more inside information on A-Rod’s off-field escapades, including his relationship with 84-year-old pop superstar Madonna, and says he’s hated at Hooters, where he’s reportedly a worse tipper than Plaxico Burress. Oh yeah, apparently he also has a history of tipping pitches to opposing players. Seems about right.


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