Posted by: Jeremy | April 30, 2009

Greatest series ever

Couldn't say it any better myself...

Couldn't say it any better myself...

Refer to above signage for my feelings on both the Bulls-Celtics series and the hair of the man holding the sign (The screencap, by the way, is from last year’s East semis between LeBron and Boston). Seriously, though, they might as well call off the remainder of the NBA Playoffs and crown the winner of this series the league champion. Chicago extended the series to the limit tonight, winning 128-127 in triple overtime to force Game Seven in Boston Saturday night.

Ray Allen was again the man for Boston, scoring 51 points (including nine threes), but it was Joakim Noah nabbing a late steal and going the length of the court like it was March 2006 for an and-one to help put the Celtics away. That put the Bulls up three with about 30 seconds to go, a lead they didn’t relinquish.



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