Posted by: Jeremy | April 25, 2009

That didn’t go so well…

Brian Burres, wishing he'd stayed in Vegas

Brian Burres, wishing he'd stayed in Vegas

Oh well, if the Jays were going to lose another game this season, they might as well have gotten it out of the way on the night they borrowed their starting pitcher from Baltimore’s esteemed staff. A night after thrashing the White Sox 14-0, Toronto fell to Obama’s boys 10-2.

I suppose I shouldn’t be too hard on starter Brian Burres — he was, after all, stepping in for Johan Santana Jr., a daunting task for anyone — but I had a bad feeling about this one from the get-go. You see, if a guy can’t cut it in the Orioles rotation…well, let’s just say Burres is bad. 6.04 ERA and .311 opponents’ average in 2008-bad. The way the Jays’ rotation is getting hurt this season though, I may just have to get used to him. So there you go, Brian Burres, show me you can pitch.

Anyway, games like this are bound to happen, and in Burres’ defense he could’ve pitched well and still gotten the loss with two runs of support. Also, half the runs he was charged with came after he was yanked (The Reign Man coughed up a grand slam to Alexei Ramirez). Nevertheless, the Jays still sit at 13-6, good for a one-game lead over the Red Sox and good enough for me to still be convinced they’re hands-down the best team in baseball. 156-6!

(Note: The Red Sox won this afternoon, which is bad. The good news, though, is that they beat the Yankees, and the even-better news is that Allan James Burnett coughed up eight runs in the process. What a pear-shaped loser!)


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