Posted by: Jeremy | April 25, 2009

Stafford gets unenviable task of leading Lions

This is the man chosen to lead the Lions back to respectability

This is the man chosen to lead the Lions back to respectability

Matthew Stafford lost nine games in three years at the University of Georgia. I don’t even have to tell you how many games the Detroit Lions lost last season. Well, at least they’ll be paying him up to $78 million ($41.7 guaranteed) more than the Bulldogs did (under the table favours not included).

As was already known, the Lions made Stafford the top pick in the NFL Draft this afternoon after agreeing to a six-year deal yesterday. Not sure what the plan is for next season with Daunte Culpepper in Detroit (not that he’s any good — the Lions just might not want to rush Stafford), though they’ll be hoping Culpepper doesn’t invite the rookie on any of his crazy boat jams.

After Stafford, the Rams scooped up Jason Smith of Baylor, Kansas City grabbed Tyson Jackson of LSU and Seattle drafted Wake Forest’s Aaron Curry, who many had going to Detroit before Stafford’s deal was announced. The Jets made the day’s biggest splash thus far, dealing for Cleveland’s fifth pick and choosing USC’s Mark Sanchez, who’ll step in for Brett Favre until Favre decides to return and ruin Sanchez’s life.



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