Posted by: Jeremy | April 20, 2009

The playoffs have arrived…

Ray Allen ruins Joakim Noah's life

Ray Allen ruins Joakim Noah's life

Twenty-three years ago today, the Bulls and Celtics met at Boston Garden and a young man named Michael Jordan went off for a playoff-record 63 points in a game Boston eventually won in double overtime. Afterwards, Larry Bird said it was “God disguised as Michael Jordan”. Well, tonight the two teams went at it again in a first round playoff game, and though God wasn’t there, Jesus was, as in Jesus Shuttlesworth, as in Ray Allen. Oh yeah, Ben Gordon was also on hand.

I decided to use some of my leisure time to take in this game, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made in awhile. Rajon Rondo was, of course, incredible — 19 points, 12 boards, 16 assists and five steals, but it was Allen and Gordon stealing the show down the stretch, going back-and-forth until Allen’s three with two seconds remaining gave the Celtics a 118-115 win to even the series. Gordon, perhaps thinking he was facing the Knicks, scored 42 and Allen finished with 30, 28 of which came after halftime.

Let’s face it — If the Celtics are struggling to beat the Bulls at home and the Magic look like they’ll be in tough against the .500 Sixers, the Cavs are likely to steamroll through the Eastern Conference this post-season. Because of that, this might be the most entertaining basketball we’ll get to see until LeBron and Kobe lock horns in June. Still, if that’s the way it’s going down, then I’ll take it…


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