Posted by: Jeremy | April 16, 2009

Boom! Madden retires

From left to right: John Madden and John Madden's bronzed head

From left to right: John Madden and John Madden's bronzed head

My friends always tell me I make interesting comments during games, which is why I’ve always had a dream of being a colour commentator. Unfortunately, that job can be a little hard to get — they tend to give it to ex-players, or people that, you know, are in broadcasting. Well, one of the greatest broadcasters of all-time decided to call it a career today, as John Madden announced he’ll being stepping down from the broadcast booth after 30 years.

It’s impossible to be a football fan and not know Madden, if not from watching games, then from his video game series, which I consider to be the absolute greatest invention in human history. For the record, I’m 4-2 in season two of my Cleveland Browns franchise on Madden 09 and losing some serious sleep while trying to decide if I should build around Brady Quinn or bring in a quarterback with a stronger arm.

Anyway, back to the man: Madden said he’s thought long and hard about his decision to hang up the microphone and that he’s in good health at age 73. His main reason for calling it quits, he says, is to spend time with the fam, which is understandable considering the amount of time he’s spent in the Horse Trailer the past 30 years (Fun fact: Madden has a fear of flying and travels across the country in his tour bus).

So long, John Madden — I’m off to see if Brady Quinn is cut out for leading a team to the Super Bowl…



  1. The best ever, the other commentator I like is John Mac… maybe he should switch from tennis to football?

  2. That’s really not fair.

  3. True, Madden is the man. He won’t be in the booth, but I bet we haven’t heard the last of him…

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