Posted by: Jeremy | April 15, 2009

Burnett still yet to alienate Yankee fans, ruin arm

A.J. Burnett, still awaiting an inevitable trip to the DL

A.J. Burnett, still awaiting an inevitable trip to the DL

Yesterday afternoon I sat here and sarcastic wrote about Nick Swisher being the most impressive of the new Yankees because of his shutout inning in a blowout loss to Tampa Bay on Monday night. Well, my one-time friend A.J. Burnett must have been reading, as he took a no-hitter into the seventh last night in a 7-2 win over those same Rays. Fun fact: Burnett holds the record for most walks allowed in a no-hitter, with nine in his 2001 no-no against the Padres.

Now, I call Burnett my one-time friend not because I was ever friends with him, but because I used to work in the Jays’ parking garage after games and he used to come down and ask me if it was raining out so he’d know whether or not he had to put the top on his car. A couple years ago he landed a ’67 Chevelle with a manual roof, and one night attempted to close it before leaving (he’d always leave the top off in the garage, a risky move considering fans had access to the same parking lot and with guards down there like me, secuity was often lax). Anyway, he had some trouble getting the roof down. Roy Halladay eventually came to help out, with Vernon Wells and the great Josh Towers following soonafter. So picture about $250 million worth of baseball players trying to jam shut the roof of a ’67 Chevelle to no avail. No wonder the Jays haven’t had a sniff of the play0ffs in 84 years…


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