Posted by: Jeremy | April 14, 2009

Zeke sets out to ruin Florida International

The mastermind that is Isiah Thomas

The mastermind that is Isiah Thomas

A few weeks ago there was some talk of Isiah Thomas landing with the Los Angeles Clippers in some capacity, but Donald Sterling and co. eventually came to their senses and pretty much said something like, “Not even we’d hire this moron.” Surprisingly, someone else took a chance on the man that ruins everything he gets involved with — Florida International University announced today that he’ll be taking over as head coach. That’s right, Isiah Thomas will be molding impressionable young minds.

Not sure what Florida International is thinking here — Let’s see, Thomas has destroyed everything he’s touched (three NBA franchises, an entire minor league and NBA on NBC) since his retirement from playing, been charged with sexual harassment and pinned his own drug overdose on his daughter, amongst other things. So yeah, why not bring him in to take the reins of an already-horrible basketball program and let him run it into the ground? This is sure to end well for everyone involved…


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