Posted by: Jeremy | April 13, 2009

Another White Sox fan at his best

Yeah, I'd do the same...

Yeah, I'd do the same...

A new contender for Lord of the Idiots has emerged, and not surprisingly, he’s a Chicago White Sox fan. No, this particular fan didn’t charge on the field and beat an opposing team’s coach mercilessly and without reason — he’s merely suing the White Sox because of an injury supposedly sustained during a t-shirt toss during a game in June 2007.

Anyway, see for yourself. From the Chicago Sun-Times:

David Babusiak of St. John, Ind., suffered a permanent back injury when he was shoved to the ground at a June 8, 2007 game, when members of the Chevrolet Pride Team fired a T-shirt from a “launcher cannon” into Babusiak’s section of the stands between innings, his attorney, David Holub, said.

The suit filed in federal court in Hammond, Ind. this week also names U.S. Cellular Field and the Pride Team as defendants.

The defendants are liable for more than $75,000 in damages because they were “engaging in an abnormally dangerous activity, namely, shooting free T-shirts as projectiles into an unsupervised crowd of spectators, some of whom may not have been sober.”

So, in other words, Babusiak was drunk, inattentive and unaware of the dangers surrounding him, namely the t-shirt toss. Now, if he was suing the team because the average t-shirt in these types of giveaways is usually eight times too big, he might have a case, but he’s not. Anyway, I really wish the best for the victim — Who wouldn’t love a White Sox fan, after all?

(Again, thanks to Deadspin for tipping me off to this pressing situation.)


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