Posted by: Jeremy | March 30, 2009

D-Train diagnosed with anxiety disorder, Zack Greinke begs to differ

The D-Train is de-railed under mysterious circumstances

The D-Train is de-railed under mysterious circumstances

The saga of Dontrelle Willis took a strange turn yesterday, as the Tigers placed him on the disabled list with an undisclosed anxiety disorder. In case you haven’t been keeping track, Willis was one of the National League’s best pitchers from 2003-2007, winning 63 games for the Marlins (inlcuding a 22-10, 2.63 season in 2005) before coming to Detroit last year and walking 35 in 24 innings with a 9.38 ERA to boot.

If the D-Train actually does have an anxiety disorder, then I hope he’s treated. But I’m far from convinced that’s actually the case. Willis says the team discovered the disorder through blood tests — Since when are anxiety disorders diagnosed that way? In fact, in this article by Lynn Flenning in today’s Detroit News, a pair of psychiatrists from Michigan hospitals insist that psychiatric disorders can’t be discovered via a blood test. Yeah, that’s the way I thought it worked too…

It’s clear there’s something wrong with Willis, but I’d be quicker to compare his issues to those of Rick Ankiel (and many of the other pitchers that lost their confidence, and in turn, their control: Mark Wohlers and Steve Blass, to name two) than to those of Kansas City’s Zack Greinke, who actually missed most of the 2006 season due to social anxiety disorder.

I don’t mean to sound insensitive, but it just looks like the Tigers are looking to pick up insurance on Willis’ contract, which they acquired with three years and $29 million remaining last winter. Apparently if he spends the bulk of this season or the next on the disabled list, Detroit will be able to get about half his salary back as compensation (he’ll still get paid the full $22 million he’s owed the next two years). So everyone’s happy, right?



  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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  3. Greinke is looking great again this season…a good story indeed.

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