Posted by: Jeremy | March 27, 2009

Isiah may get another chance to add to his post-playing career legacy

An angry Isiah Thomas, after finding out his name was spelled wrong on his birth certificate

An angry Isiah Thomas, after finding out his name was spelled wrong on his birth certificate

It may just be a match made in heaven — Isiah Thomas is looking for work and the Los Angeles Clippers just might be willing to give him a shot. Why not pair the world’s most oblivious person this side of A-Rod with the most hopeless franchise in all of sports? According to ESPN, Thomas has had conversations with esteemed Clippers owner Donald Sterling a few weeks ago about an executive position that would relieve some of head coach and general manager Mike Dunleavy Sr.’s workload. As for why the 18-54 Clippers have any intentions of holding onto Dunleavy after this season is beyond me, but I don’t ask. Then again, this is the Clippers after all, and they are talking about bring in Isiah Thomas.

Though even the casual basketball fan is likely familiar with Thomas’ idiocy, here’s a look at some of his post-playing career achievements: After helping bring NBA basketball to Toronto in 1995 (perhaps his lone good move), he almost singlehandedly destroyed the franchise, leaving it in ruins before embarking on a less-than-successful broadcasting venture with NBC. After that, he became owner of the Continental Basketball Association and ran the league into the ground. After a so-so tenure as head coach of the Pacers, he moved on to to coach the Knicks, and between the sexual harassment charges and the “Fire Isiah” chants, there aren’t enough hours in the day to talk about the damage he did there. Oh yeah, and last October he overdosed on sleeping pills and threw his own daughter under the bus by claiming she was the member of his family hospitalized, not him.

So, quite the little resume Zeke has compiled there. In the Clippers, he may have just found his match.


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