Posted by: Jeremy | March 11, 2009

Dutch bring the good life to the WBC

The Dutch mob Randall Simon, of John Rocker insult and Sausage Race fame

The Dutch mob Randall Simon, of John Rocker insult and Sausage Race fame

I’ve been meaning to check in with a post on the World Baseball Classic, but it’s been a busy few days of sitting on the field and watching the games. Aside from the Canada-USA opener, how bad have the games in Toronto been? Not just the quality of the games (blowouts, for the most part), but the tiny crowds. I’ll say this though — those Venezuelan fans are great and everyone I’ve met from there is real friendly.

Aside from the Canadian choke show (the team, not the fans), the real shocker, of course, has been Todd Gak and the Dutch. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to catch any games other than those in Toronto, but two wins over a Domincan Republic team that is obviously still reeling from having A-Rod in their pre-tournament camp is impressive. Yes, it really is a great time to be Dutch, if you’ll believe that. If I’d realized the rules of eligibility were so lax I’d have tried out for the team myself.

Anyway, seven of the eight second round spots have been filled, with Korea, Japan, Cuba, Venezuela, USA, Netherlands and Puerto Rico already in. Mexico and Australia go at it tonight to determine the final spot. Should shape up to be an interesting round — I’m heading to Miami tomorrow, so I’ll be looking to take in a game or two at Dolphin Stadium.


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