Posted by: Jeremy | February 25, 2009

Marbury will now attempt to destroy the Celtics

Marbury, doing what he does best

Marbury, doing what he does best

Well, it looks like Stephon Marbury, cousin of Minnesota great Sebastian Telfair, might get a chance to play after all this season. After lengthy negotiations, he’s finally reached a buyout with  the Knicks, and it looks as though he’s set to catch on with Boston, as has long been rumoured. There, he’ll face his biggest challenge — trying to ruin the NBA’s best team.

Marbury, of course, is the worst seed in the history of professional sports. Check out his track record: After a nice start to his career with Tom Gugliotta and co. in Minnesota, he griped his way out of town and was traded to New Jersey, where the Nets were one of the worst teams in the league during his tenure. After being traded to Phoenix for Jason Kidd, the Nets miraculously became the best team in the East, while Phoenix went from a playoff team to a loser. After being replaced by Steve Nash in Phoenix, the Suns suddenly became relevant again. And we all know how things went in New York with Marbury.

It’ll be interesting to see the effect Marbury has on Boston. It won’t be easy, considering he’s just there to provide a spark off the bench, and will be challenged to grab minutes from the greatest point guard in the history of basketball, Rajon Rondo. Still, if he looks deep within himself, I figure he’ll find a way to screw this up. Enjoy, Celtics fans. And if you’re an intern working in Boston’s front office, be careful.



  1. If this really happens, I will be a sad, sad panda.

    Me-bury(-you) is just a terrible influence on a basketball team, and is exactly what Boston *doesn’t* need… another ego, and a ball hog. Instead, they should go look for a perimeter player/shooter, someone to take up some of Ray Allen’s minutes so he’s rested for the playoffs.

    And I totally agree (and wrote about it in my blog)… Rondo has the potential (with a lot of *ifs*) to be the greatest point guard in the history of the NBA.


  2. Well, worst case scenario is he bombs and Doc Rivers realizes it before it hurts them too badly. It blows my mind that a team like Boston would bring him in though.

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